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Technological change in industry

Technological change in industry is the development of automation, robotics, AI and IoT, modernising manufacturing

  • Industry 4.0

    Networking / internet - integration of machines with systems. Data exchange between machines. Networking of components and machines using intern standards

  • Industry 3.0

    Digitalisation - microcontrollers for machines, increase in automation

  • Industry 2.0

    Electrification - first production lines

  • Industry 1.0

    Mechanisation - steam engines

Why move to Industry 4.0?

Increase in OEE

Ability to optimise production resources through quick insight into load plans of individual nests/stations

Increase in productivity

Increased team mobilisation and efficiency through the use of an explicit order execution control system

Increase in availability

Possibility of online monitoring of implemented processes thanks to real-time recording of production events

Improvement in quality

Inter-operational control of the quality of implemented operations through the use of checklists and risk signalling

What solutions do we offer as part of Industry 4.0?


Production Management Systems


Production Performance Monitoring Systems


Supply Chain Management


Quality Management Systems


Data analysis and Business Intelligence


Integrations with machines and with current ERP systems

Benefits of joining “Industry 4.0”

What are the benefits of entering the “Smart Industry” generation?

  • Increased productivity in production
  • Optimisation of machine and employee uptime
  • Reduction of costs associated with downtime
  • Improving stock management
  • Reducing energy and other utility consumption
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of breakdowns
  • Improved data visualisation and faster access to relevant information
  • Improved quality - increasing customer and partner satisfaction


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