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What is custom software development?

Do you have an idea for an application that you'd like to bring to life? Are you in search of a solution that will optimize your operational processes? Perhaps you've already tried off-the-shelf software, but found that it doesn't fully meet your needs? Choose custom software - an IT solution that will be developed from scratch, precisely according to your requirements. We'll take into account your most critical business needs, accelerate processes, and help you reduce costs. With custom software, you'll gain a competitive edge in the market.

In which areas can we assist you?

Building an IT system from scratch

We will build a complete information system for you from the ground up. Our team will guide you through the entire process of creating the information system, providing professional support at every stage.

Integrations between systems used in the company

We offer the development of integrators enabling smooth communication and data exchange between various systems used in your company. We provide efficient solutions that integrate technologies effectively.

Automation of repeatable processes in the company

We will analyze the business processes in your company and suggest optimal automation solutions. Then, we will implement these solutions to enhance the efficiency of your business.

Adaptation of existing software to market or legal requirements

We will expand existing systems with new functionalities to meet changing market or legal requirements. We will provide updates to keep your software competitive.

Obtaining subsidies for the implementation of innovative projects

We will assist you in securing funding for the development of innovative IT systems. Our team of advisors will help with the grant application process and monitor their status.

Estimation of the project and application implementation

We will analyze your needs and requirements, then provide a professional project estimate. With our assistance, you'll gain insights into the costs of developing the application and have a clear financial picture of the project.

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Our process

1. Idea

We meet with your team to know more about your idea, project and goal. After that, our team sits to create an action plan and proposal for your project.

2. Design

We start by designing a mock-up or prototype of your web application and presenting it to you. Once the initial version is ready, we start the review process to get feedback from you as soon as possible and create the most satisfactory version possible.

3. Development

At this stage, we develop your web application using best practice and standards, so you have a perfectly responsive, fast-acting and super-scalable web product.

4. Launch & Maintenance

When the project is ready, we help you to launch it and push it live. After that, we meet with your team to train them on how to edit, update and scale it.

What technologies do we use?


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I am pleased with the web product development process and the flexibility and speed of DevsPower's work. This is a perfect example of successful cooperation that has brought us an innovative web product and a strong market position.

Zbigniew Twardowski


A dependable business partner. DevsPower is a company that not only delivers excellent solutions but also ensures effective communication, allowing us to achieve our business goals with ease.

Damian Białczyk

CEO - SmartDevice

We have been collaborating in the IT field since 2020. Thanks to our long-term partnership with DevsPower, our company has become a leader in the insurance industry. I highly recommend them to anyone in search of a reliable business partner.

Krzysztof Chmielewski

CEO - PolisaBiznes

Frequently asked questions

The cost of developing custom software doesn't always have to be exceptionally high. Our products are tailored to various budgets and have even helped small businesses achieve significant growth. Through efficient project management and the use of appropriate technologies, we can deliver IT solutions that not only meet your needs but also remain cost-effective. Together, we can find the best solution that meets your expectations without exceeding your company's budget.

The time required to create custom software primarily depends on the scope and complexity of the project. This process can take anywhere from several weeks to even several years. Projects with a smaller scope and simpler functionality can be completed relatively quickly. However, more advanced and complex projects, such as large-scale business systems or applications with advanced functionality, may require significantly more time to be fully completed. The final completion time always depends on the specific complexity of the project and the available resources.

Custom software is the preferred choice for many companies because it allows for complete customization of the solution to specific needs and business processes. With custom software, compromises often associated with using off-the-shelf products can be avoided. Custom software also provides the opportunity to create unique features and solutions, which can be a key to achieving a competitive advantage in the market. Furthermore, as a company grows, custom software is scalable, allowing it to be adapted to changing needs. Lastly, the company maintains full control over the project, its schedule, and data security, which is a significant factor for many businesses.


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