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We will go through the three models of collaboration, along with billing methods, and explain which model is best depending on the type of assignment you are working on. Whether your project is small, medium or large, you will find a solution here that is perfectly suited to your needs.

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19th October 2022

We use the three most popular project billing models:

  • Fixed price - that is, billing at a predetermined price for the execution of part or all of the order

  • Time & material - that is, billing according to the number of hours actually worked and the material used

  • Dedicated team - which is actually a combination of the first two solutions, when we create such a team for a specific project.

Fixed Price

The main assumption of this model is to maintain the budget specified by the client at a predetermined level. Even before the start of cooperation, we carefully analyze and estimate the cost of the project for the sake of what the client expects.

Advantages and disadvantages

With the Fixed Price model, the client together with us at the beginning of the cooperation establishes a list of tasks to be done and determines the time in which the work is to be done. The advantage of this model is that from the beginning the client knows how much the project will cost him. With large orders, it may turn out that significant changes need to be made in the course of implementation, which can significantly increase the work time. Any major changes require separate quotes, which can increase costs. Therefore, the Fixed Price model is recommended for small and medium-sized projects.

Time & Materials

In the Time & Materials model, the client pays only for the work that has actually been done. The current status of the project is presented to the client on a regular basis, allowing the client to control the project. The difference between Fixed Price and Time & Materials is that with the former model you pay upfront for the project, while with the latter you only pay for the work done.

This is a contract type that is extremely flexible, as it allows changes to be implemented during the contract. This is the type of contract that determines the amount of payment for the work performed in relation to the duration of the contract and the value of the tools used. The client is kept informed of progress. This gives him the opportunity to verify the status of the project and make any changes.

Advantages and disadvantages

The big advantage of Time & Materials is that this model is definitely cheaper than Fixed Price. The client always pays for the actual work - project manager, analyst and programmer. During the course of the project, the client decides on an ongoing basis what it wants to implement and what changes need to be made. It's also a better option for people who don't quite know what they want their app, website or online store to look like.

Dedicated team

This model is the best choice for both established companies and growing startups because it is transparent and efficient. With this solution, you will quickly acquire a team to solve a specific problem. There will be no need to recruit and maintain HR processes for these employees. Dedicated development team is a long-term model of cooperation with our development team. Using such a team means a lot of flexibility. The size of the team and its members can be freely adjusted depending on the stage of the project. For example, increasing the team in the development phases and decreasing it in the maintenance phases of the systems. If you choose to work with a dedicated development team, you will be working with a group of professionals who have been carefully selected to meet your company's goals. published

A table in which the models of cooperation with DevsPower are summarized


Each of the cooperation models presented above is good. However, the billing method should be chosen according to what exactly you need. For small projects, where you already know at the start what needs to be done and in what time everything must be completed, the recommended model is fixed price. Time & Materials is recommended for people who know what they want to achieve, but don't have a clear understanding of the steps needed to achieve the goal. Dedicated team is a solution for large projects where flexibility is important.


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