Aplikacja operatorska DiGi dla sektora kontroli jakości

Aplikacja stworzona do wykonywania pomiarów kontrolnych przy pomocy urządzeń pomiarowych takich jak waga czy suwmiarka. Umożliwia zarządzanie i przygotowywanie niestandardowych schematów pomiarowych, dostosowanych do indywidualnych potrzeb użytkownika. Możliwość dołączania dokumentacji technicznej do każdego detalu pozwala na precyzyjne wskazanie miejsca pomiaru.

DiGi Smart Control

Operator Application - Quality Control Sector

About Digi Smart Control

Digi Smart Control is innovative software supporting quality control processes, designed specifically for our client Vx Control, offering this solution to companies in the industrial sector. The application allows for taking measurements using measuring devices, enabling quick detection and response to potential quality issues. This solution improves the efficiency of quality control by streamlining product inspection and monitoring processes, which raises company standards and increases competitiveness in the manufacturing market.


Before starting the Digi Smart Control project, our main challenge was to accurately understand the requirements and specifications of the quality control sector in the manufacturing industry. It was crucial to thoroughly understand quality control processes and the specific needs of this sector in the industry, which contributed to effectively adapting our solution to the real needs of users.

Another challenge was integrating the application with various measuring devices, such as scales and calipers. This required not only technologically advanced integration but also ensuring that the collected data would be complete and accurate.

Developing an intuitive user interface that is easy to use was another challenge. Our goal was not only to support quality control processes, improving their efficiency, but also to ensure easy management of measurement data and documentation through a dedicated administrative panel.



In response to our client's needs, we created the Digi Smart Control software with the aim of streamlining quality control processes through the use of modern programming solutions. This system integrates with measuring devices such as scales or calipers, enabling precise collection of measurement data. The recorded information is stored in a database, eliminating the need for traditional paper documentation.

The application alerts users about potential measurement errors, displaying information on the screen and sending email notifications, which significantly speeds up the identification of quality problems of the measured product. Additionally, it provides control over the quantity and repeatability of measurements, making it impossible to skip any measurement. Thanks to this solution, we ensure the accuracy of measurement information.

It's worth mentioning the data visualization in the operator section - users can thus track and analyze the effectiveness of quality control processes in real-time. Additionally, Digi Smart Control provides detailed data on the causes of errors, which supports audits and enables quick responses to problems occurring during production processes.

What distinguishes Digi Smart Control is the fact that this system was implemented as a web application, which allows users to access it from any location and device, requiring only an internet connection. In this way, we eliminate the need to install software on each workstation and automatically manage updates without user intervention.

The software enables our client's customers to minimize the risk of errors and supports them in delivering high-quality products, which translates into increased competitiveness in the market. Thanks to advanced quality control functions, our solution supports adaptation to Industry 4.0 requirements, where efficiency, quality, and technological innovations are key.


"Cooperation with DevsPower was extremely satisfying. What impressed us the most was the commitment and professionalism that allowed us to effectively introduce an innovative solution to the market." Piotr Piorunkiewicz - Business Process Analyst at VX Control

Expertise used in this project:

  • Custom software development  

We customized the application's features to our client's unique needs, creating a system that integrates with measuring devices, which are then used in the quality control process. Thanks to this software, our client can offer their customers a product that significantly raises the quality standards of manufactured elements.

  • Web application development

Creating Digi Smart Control as a web application allowed for the creation of a system that works quickly and efficiently on various devices. Thanks to this, users can easily use all functions regardless of whether they are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The form in which the application was created also improved responsiveness, including smooth transitions between different screens and devices. This increased the comfort of using the application and work efficiency.

  • Application management

Application management covers all stages from planning to maintenance. In creating the Digi Smart Control software, we not only focused on key improvement of product quality but also ensured that the system is stable, secure, and easy to use for users. Our goal is continuous improvement of the application, responding to customer needs, and providing high-quality services in the quality control sector.

  • Using Next.js technology

As experts in Next.js technology, we used its advanced capabilities such as fast loading thanks to server-side rendering and easy integration with other systems and services. Thanks to this, we could effectively adapt the Digi Smart Control application to the specific requirements of the client, ensuring high performance and scalability of the application.

To learn more about Next.js technology, go to our separate blog post.

  • QA testing

Thanks to the scrupulous quality tests we conducted on our application for the manufacturing industry, we were able to detect and fix potential problems in the early stages. This approach ensured not only the reliability and stability of the application but also minimized the risk of failures during control measurements.

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